Monday, April 16, 2007

Keynote address - Web 2.0

Monday am - Starbucks coffee at the registration table - a good start.

The keynote address was by Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet and American Life Project. Topic - web 2.0 - the "second generation" internet - instead of the web as a repository of information, web 2.0 sees the internet as a platform for collaboration and a tool for harnessing the "collective intelligence."

Example - AskANinja - What is podcasting? - takes a minute to download, pretty funny.

The hallmark of web 2.0 - people no longer have "computers" - they have "internet" - the reason for having computers is to access the internet.

Random trivia from the Pew Internet and Library Project surveys:

  • 89% of US teens are online at home, 50% are online at libraries.

  • 85% of teens watch internet video, 62% use youtube

  • 67% of teens share files and videos and 55% have myspace or facebook identities

  • 40% of teens have websites where they post artwork, writing, video, other creative work

  • 33% of teens share opinions on interactive sites like

  • 27% of teens have websites, 28% have blogs - 40% of teenage girls are blogging

Teens who use the internet to gather information from wikis and other user-generated content sites turn to their online social networks to discuss and validate information.

In a survey released yesterday, Pew Internet and American Life found the highest awareness of current events among Daily Show fans, not newspaper readers

Challenges for kids using the internet in interactive ways - learning to see things in context, learning to focus, learning to be skeptical, learning ethical internet behavior, learning that material published online today can be viewed by parents, prospective employers, etc. and that it will still be accessible years from now.

The final word:

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